We are always adding to our collection, but these are our latest counts:

Dinner Plates -- Over 700 plates in over 150 patterns.  Rental: $1 each

Salad Plates -- Over 600 plates in over 150 patterns.  Rental:  $1 each

Salad Bowls --  (still counting!)  Rental:  $1 each

Bread and Butter/Dessert Plates
         -- Over 600 plates in over 100 patterns.  Rental:  $1 each

Dessert Bowls -- (still counting!)  Rental:  $1 each

Luncheon Plates -- (still counting!)  Rental:  $1 each

Cups -- (still counting!)  Rental:  $0.75 each

Saucers -- Over 400 saucers in over 100 patterns.  Rental:  $0.75 each  

Sugar Bowls -- (still counting!)  Rental:  $1.00 each (with lid), $0.75 (w/out lid)
Creamers -- (still counting!)  Rental:  $0.75 each

Serving Bowls -- (still counting!)  Rental:  $3.00 each

Platters -- (still counting!)  Rental:  $6.00 each

Small Pitchers -- (still counting!)  Rental:  $5.00 each

Tea Pots -- (still counting!)  Rental $5.00 each

Salt and Pepper Shakers -- (still counting!)  Rental:  $0.50 each piece


​Styled by Adriel Nutter

large and varied, it is best viewed in person.  You can mix and match randomly or by color.  We have floral with platinum trim and floral with gold trim as well as classic white china with platinum or gold trim.    Most of our pieces are discontinued patterns and cannot be replaced, so we have limited numbers of each pattern.

Our collection is still growing!
​Remember:  Our prices include delivery and pick up!

and WE do the dishwashing!

Photo by Amilia Photography


We have vintage flatware in stainless and in silverplate.  Stainless pieces (forks, knives, spoons) rent for $0.25 each piece and silverplate pieces rent for $0.50 each piece.  Check back soon for pictures and listing of our inventory!
​(Silverplate shown in photo)


We have chargers in gold, silver, red, black and brown acrylic as well as a limited number of silverplate and brass chargers.  Acrylic chargers rent for $1.00 each and Silverplate and Brass chargers rent for $2.00 each.  S(ilver acrylic charger shown in photo.)


We have china dinner plates, luncheon plates, salad plates and bowls, bread and butter/dessert plates and bowls, as well as cups and saucers, sugar bowls and creamers, small pitchers, tea pots, serving bowls and platters, and salt and pepper shakers.  As our inventory is so



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​and More!

We have a very large assortment of vintage crystal and glassware in clear and colors.  We are working hard to catalog each piece so please check back soon for pricing and listing of our inventory.  Water, tea and wine goblets rent for $1 each and glass punch cups rent for $0.35 each.